Acessórios e Consumíveis para HPLC / UPLC – Optimize


Optimize Technologies é uma empresa dedicada a fornecer produtos da mais alta qualidade para sistemas de HPLC, UHPLC e LC/MS disponíveis. Combinam design inovador e desempenho superior para criar soluções para os problemas diários no laboratório. Prometemos trazer produtos inovadores que oferecem um desempenho inigualável, qualidade e facilidade de uso – todos voltados ao atendimento ágil e eficaz na indústria.

Dentre as peças desenvolvidas pela Optimize podemos destacar:

  • Partes e peças de manutenção para sistemas HPLC / UPLC e LC/MS  de diversas marcas e modelos.
  • Tubos, conexões e adaptadores especiais.
  • Pré-colunas.

Os produtos podem ser utilizados em:

Cromatografia Meio Ambiente / Ambiental
Descoberta de drogas Petroquimica
Espectrometria de Massa Bio-Defesa
Farmácia Nuclear Farmacêutica
Análises Clínicas

EXP® titanium hybrid ferrule

Peek: Proven sealing ability beyond 20,000 psi (1,400 bar).

Titanium: Enables the swage to be released and reset. Intended for many repeat connections.


EXP® fitting system


hand-tight to 8,700+ psi

wrench-tight to 20,000+ psi


rated to 20,000+ psi


EXP® stem filter

EXP® pre-column filter


EXP® stem traps

EXP® trap columns

EXP® guard column


Optilok® fittings, tubing & adapters

  • Tight manufacturing tolerances = highest quality available
  • High and low pressure fitting solutions
  • Material Options: Stainless Steel / Titanium / Peek / Tefzel / Acetal / Teflon (PTFE)


Optisolv® filtration – Standard HPLC Pressure

Optisolv® filtration – Standard HPLC Pressure


Optiguard® – guard columns – Role of a Guard Column

  • Traps particulates, solvente impurities and retained sample components
  • Eliminates costly downtime and premature column failure-extending column life


Optiguard® 3 mm

  • Mantains tool free connectivity
  • Does nor require extra tubing or fittings
  • Cartridge based format to allow for a larger bed with more capacity
  • Auto adjusting stem conforms a any brand of column for a perfect ZDV connection
  • Holder stays plumbed when changing cartridges


Optipak® trap columns

Designed for use in today’s low volume applications

  • Bed volumes range from 0,12ul to 5,0ul
  • Packed stem is positioned directly in flow path
  • Absolute minimum sample dilution and dispersion
  • Auto-adjusting ZDV connection
  • Amenable to any trapping technique
  • Can be installed side by side in same valve stator without interference
  • Achieve 2D separations


Applications and Role of Trap Columns

Trap columns are an effective means of handling sample clean-up and pre-concentration tasks in an on-line environment.

  • To capture samples from buffered matrices
  • Desalt, purify and pre-concentrate samples
  • Remove detergents
  • Selectively elute single analytes from complex mixtures
  • Simple analytical columns for rapid LC-MS analysis


Optilynx® – A Revolutionary Quick Connect System


Optilynx® – Guard Columns

  • Cartridge based system
  • 1, 2.1 and 3x15mm dimensions available
  • Can be used with any brand os column
  • Low dispersion component interface
  • Connections path have less than 2uL internal volume


Optilynx® – Components & Configurations


Replacement Parts: HPLC & UHPLC OEM Systems


Check Valves


Purge-Valve Upgrade kit for Agilent/HP 1050/1100


2-in-1 Seal Cap for Agilent 1050/1100/1200


Back Pressure Regulators

  • Place a back pressure regulator downstream from your detector to prevent solvent outgassing and bubble formation in the flow cell, reducing baseline noise and drift.
  • Proprietary flow-through design
  • Utilizes active mechanism to maintain steady back pressure across various mobile phase viscosities and flow rates
  • Internal volume of 100 μL
  • Available in pre-set pressures of 10, 30, 60, 100 or 150 PSI